Welcome to the Department of Employee & Labor Relations

In 1947, the Michigan Legislature passed the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA), which allowed public-sector employees, for the first time, to organize and enter into collective bargaining agreements (contracts). PERA today remains the principle statue governing disputes involving public-sector labor organizations and government employees, including Michigan public school districts.

The Department of Employee & Labor Relations  is the Wayne State University unit that is responsible for contract interpretation, as well as advising and counseling managers/ supervisors (pertaining to non-academic represented [unionized] personnel) relative to:  employee attendance, work performance, minor and major misconduct, workplace violence, workplace behavior (workplace interactions), workplace investigations, medical verification requirements, and any resulting disciplinary action(s).  Management should contact Labor Relations first, to discuss their issue.  In addition,  the Department of Employee & Labor Relations counsels departments on the possibility of medical/psychiatric examinations for non-academic represented (unionized) personnel. The Department of Employee & Labor Relations also negotiates and administers all non-academic contracts (see list of bargaining units), is responsible for grievance administration, management training, and represents Wayne State University in grievance arbitration, mediation, fact-finding, and other labor-based hearings.